Hennops Hiking Trail
Hartebeespoort Dam / Pretoria, Highveld  

Gauteng, South Africa

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  Trail Type Day Walk Hiking Trail
  Duration 1, 2 days
  Layout Circular
  Difficulty Easy to Moderate
  Distance 18 km
  Maximum 18 persons

Hiking Trail Description

In the heart of Gauteng, virtually on the doorstep of both Johannesburg and Pretoria, hikers can now experience one of the few unspoilt nature areas near the Hartebeespoortdam. The Hennops hiking trail comprise two-day trails setting out from two base camps. The beginning and end of both trails meanders along the Hennopsriver before it veers away into the surrounding mountains. The first day's namely the Krokodilberg trail is 11,33 km and traverses the mountainous area of the farm while the second days' Zebra trail, is 6,15 km and traverses the fenced Game camp. A third trail is being planned in the gorge along the river. The Hennops trail will thus be ideal for both short and long weekend break aways. Day hikers are welcome.

There are two base camps called Loerie and Hadeda. Both these camps are on the banks of the Hennopsriver where there are many swimming holes. At Loerie camp there is also a big swimming pool where hikers can cool down and picnic after a good days hiking. The Hadeda camp comprises the original stone farmhouse and rondavel. Both camps have excellent facilities to ensure a pleasurable base from which to undertake the hikes. Two unique features on the trail are the river crossings - a suspension bridge and a Cable car. The trail traverses interesting historical areas amongst others an old Veld hospital that was used in the Anglo Boer war. Aspiring historians will enjoy an underground cave where Pruimpie lived, traces of old settlements and the old mines and ovens where dolomite rocks were mined and heated to melt the lime.

Apart from the 9 mammal species in the game camp, kudu thrives in this area and may be seen all over the farm. The bird-life promises to be outstanding with the presence of indigenous trees along the river, the gorges and plateau areas. At times the trail feels so remote that one can hardly believe that both Johannesburg and Pretoria are less than 45 minutes away! The Hennops hiking trail will appeal to all hikers. Even nature lovers who are not dedicated backpackers will enjoy walking on these trails.

Overnight facilities: Loerie camp: 20 persons. Three rondavels - two sleeping 6, one sleeping 8. Communal veld kitchen with electricity, fridge, kettle, two-plate stove, pots, pans, flat bottom and three-legged potjie. Ablution block with 2 basins, showers and toilets. Hadeda camp: 18 persons. Farmhouse with 2 rooms and rondavel. Each room has 3 bunk beds sleeping 6 persons. Facilities - same as Loerie camp. Swimming pools at Loerie camp and several swimming holes in river. Day hikers: Proceed to Hadeda camp for parking and braai facilities.

Pertinent information: Carry water. Water not drinkable from river. In the event of the Hennopsriver being in flood, Loerie camp hikers will be taken by vehicle from the owners house to a place whence baggage can be carried via the suspension bridge to Loerie camp.

Location of trail: 25 km from Pretoria, 40 km from Johannesburg, 16 km from Hartebeespoortdam.


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