Tswaing Crater Hike
Pretoria, Highveld  

Gauteng, South Africa

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  Trail Type Day Walk Guided Trail
  Duration 1 day , 0 hours
  Layout Circular
  Difficulty Easy
  Distance 7 km
  Maximum Not Available

Hiking Trail Description

In geological terms, the Tswaing Crater represents one of the youngest and best preserved small bowl-shaped meteorite impact crater in the world. The crater is known, both nationally and internationally, as the Pretoria Saltpan (or Zoutpan Crater).

Situated just 40Km north of Pretoria lies the Tswaing Asteroid Crater which is believed to have been created when an Asteroid collided with Earth about 200,000 years ago. All that is left of the collision is a crater surrounded by a ring of hill about 100m high and a kilometre across. These hills are believed to have been originally twice this height. Tswaing is the Tswana work for Salt Lake and refers to lake at the bottom of the crater.

Tswaing, (meaning "place of salt" in the Tswana language) constitutes a sensitive and unique conservation area for the careful management of its multiple cultural and natural resource, in the disciplenes of geology, the environmental sciences, biology, and human history. Tswaing is currently being developed by th National Cultural History Museum. This museum places strong emphasis on the protection and use of the area's herutage for purposes if research, educaction, recreation and community empowerment. All this is done in close consultation with local people, scientists and conservation-oriented institutions.

Open: Throughout the year Opening times:07h30 - 15h00. Gates close at 18h00. Entry fees apply.


Reservations & Enquiries

The Curator, Tswaing Crater Museum, P.O Box 295, Soshanguve, 0164

Telephone: (012) 790 2302
Fax: (012) 790 5034




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