Ocean View Guest Farm Trails
North East of East London, East London Coast  

Eastern Cape, South Africa

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  Trail Type Day Walk
  Duration 1 day
  Layout Network of Trails
  Difficulty Moderate to Difficult
  Distance Not Available
  Maximum Not Available

Hiking Trail Description

The guest farm is situated in the only indigenous forest of its size between the Hogsback and the sea. It has been set-aside as a Natural Heritage Site. Approximately 171 species of trees and 200 species of birds have been recorded. There are a series of colour-coded trails that criss-cross the forest and veld. They can be taken as one long hike of about 6 hours or several shorter hikes of a half to 2 hours Direction: Situated 60 minutes (72 km) from East London and 75 minutes (98 km) from King Williams Town. Take the Morgan Bay / Kei Mouth turnoff from N1 (R349). The turn-off is 16 km from the N2. Amenities: Accommodation includes four camping sites and three self-contained rondavels for 2, 4 and 5 persons.

Duck Walk: 30 minutes / circular; leads from the house to a small forest.

Yellow Forest Trail: 40- 45 minutes / return; leads you more or less parallel along the forest on the northeastern side. Joins the Orange Trail below the “Sisanqua” Camp. You can return or turn into the Orange Trail.

Green Trail: 1,5 to 2 / circular; hours leads downwards along the southern side of the forest to the Mpetu Valley. It eventually reaches the Orange Trail that leads you home or can go out the gate across the “Sisanqua” Camp until you reach the trail sign on the Red Trail.

Bird Trail: 1,5 to 2 hours / circular; leads of the Green Trail at the waterfall. It eventually leads to the Green Trail at the northern side of the forest.

Buck Trail: 1,25 to 1,5 hours / circualr; leads of the Green Trail in the valley below the waterfall and leads you through the forest up north, where it meets the Bird Trail and eventually the Green Trail below “Hochsitz”.

Valley Walk: 2 to 3 hours / circular; it leads of the Green Trail in the valley and follows the Mpetu River. You return along the main road.

Red Trail: 45 minutes / circular; covers open veld on northern parts of the farm leading to the main road at the top of the dam

Lourie Trail: half an hour / circualr; passes through the Dairy Camp through a forest and eventually return to the main road.

Arbor Trail: branches of the Orange Trail just after you have crossed the first water course. It passes through the heart of the forest. Return along the Bird or any other trail.


Reservations & Enquiries

Bookings can be made through Monika von Plato or Marlene Hirsekorn at: PO Box 159, Komga 4950

Telephone: (043) 831 2140




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