Langesnek Hiking Trail
Ficksburg, Free State, Eastern  

Free State, South Africa

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  Trail Type Hiking Trail Horse Trail
  Duration 2 days
  Layout Circular
  Difficulty Easy to Moderate
  Distance 23 km
  Maximum Not Available

Hiking Trail Description

Langesnek Hiking Trail badge
Langesnek Hiking Trail badge

On the Visierskerf Private Nature Reserve a third hiking trail has been opened to nature lovers. Comprising of two day trails, the facilities and trail layout have been developed to cater for young and old, fit and unfit. This is also the ideal retreat where families can bring their small children with grandparents to enjoy the tranquil farm environment and short walks. Activities that can be enjoyed include the trail walking, horse riding, rowing, and swimming in the pool at the base camp.

This trail highlights the splendour of the sandstone in the Eastern Free State's Witteberg area. One of the day trails takes one up on the plateau with lovely views across the farm towards the Visierskerf and Sekonyelas hat with the Malutis in the background. Places of interest include a sheep dip carved out of sandstone, unique rock formations, miniature overhanging cave, natural sandstone pools like moonscape craters and indigenous flora in and along the gorges. the midday stop is next to a clear dam filled with spring water and the ideal spot to linger for a while. Near the end of the trail, there is a vantage point to photograph the enormity of the scale of this sandstone ridge.

The other day trail starts off by passing a very deep popular gorge before it starts the ascent towards the back of the Second Pyramid mountain. On passing the "Supertube" mountain stream the trail reaches an unexpected and welcome shady indigenous forest full of olienhout and ghwarrie trees. On reaching the top of the saddle one has a choice. Here the fit and courageous hikers will have the opportunity to add another 2 km to their hike up the Pyramid mountain. The trail continues to follow the contours of the two Pyramid mountains through the indigenous forests and on the sandstone ridges to wind its way to the popular Sphinx trails overnight hut site. Here the natural dam will offer a refreshing lunch stop and time to relax and swim. The trail then returns following some of the Sphinx second days' trail. It veers off after the "Aunt Mitchells High Tea Corner" and winds underneath the sandstone ridge before returning to base camp.

Length/Duration: Two day trails in a figure 8. One is 11,2 km the other 10,5 with an optional 2 km extra up the Pyramid mountain.

Overnight facilities: The Old Farmhouse:Two roomed dormitory for 24 persons There are 7 single bunks, 4 double bunks and one double bedbunk. Outbuildings have been converted into ablution facilities, which include 2 toilets, 2 bathrooms with a shower and bath respectively and a kitchen. It is fully equipped with electricity, a fridge, scullery, two place cooker with pots, pans and potjies. Adjacent is the fireplace with part of the lapa under cover and enclosed. Swimming pool (not fenced). Jeughuis for Moolmanshoek Youth Adventure Centre : For groups up to 150, both the Famhouse and Jeughuis can be booked. with the Ramkamer sleeping 80 boys and the Jeughuis the girls. Big outdoor campfire lapa, undercover lapa in the old reservoir, spacious kitchen, ablutions facilities and conference room. Tentsite: For 4x4's roof or surface tents with ablutions.

Pertinent information: Farm produce, badges, hiking socks available. Hiking groups of up to 30 can be accommodated with a caravan sleeping six being supplied.

Location of trail: 45 km from Ficksburg, 230 km from Bloemfontein, 340 km from Gauteng.


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